PRP The Cure for Male Pattern Baldness?

Researchers at New York University are testing a cure for male pattern baldness – and it turns out the answer has been in our bodies all along.

According to Mail Online, a study at the university is looking into the propensity of human blood to halt androgenic alopecia – male pattern baldness – by injecting a gel infused with blood directly into the scalp.

If that sounds a little hair-brained, there’s good scientific theory to back up research into the area. Our blood contains platelets – small particles of blood cells produced by bone marrow – that are used to help heal wounds and stem excessive bleeding. By taking blood from the body and spinning it in a centrifuge, doctors hope to separate the fluid into its various components, extract platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and use this to stimulate the follicles of the scalp.

PRP is already used in medicine to treat tendon injuries and burns, as it contains and releases several different proteins, steroid hormones and cytokines that stimulate the healing of bone and soft tissue.

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