It’s an embarrassing problem most people don’t talk about: You wet your pants whenever you sneeze, cough, or laugh. This is called stress incontinence and it’s more common than you think – especially among older women, and women who have given birth.

Or maybe you have an overactive bladder, a problem also known as urge incontinence. This means once you feel the urge to pee it’s too late to make it to the bathroom.

Whatever the reason you can’t control your bladder, don’t think adult diapers are your only option. There are treatments for incontinence that don’t require surgery.  Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, has successfully been used to help patients who suffer from stress incontinence or urge incontinence.

Patients receive what is called the “O-Shot”, or “Orgasm Shot.” It’s named that because it is also used to help women with little to no sex drive, those who suffer from painful intercourse, and those who can’t achieve orgasm.

(Read more about the sexual benefits of the O-shot here:

The shot is made up of Platelet Rich Plasma that is taken from your own blood so there is little risk of side effects. Doctors inject it into the vaginal area after numbing the tissue. The Platelets deliver a power dose of growth hormone, stimulating the body’s own healing responses to rejuvenate the muscles and nerves in the vaginal/bladder region.

After undergoing PRP therapy, most incontinence sufferers notice a reduction or, in some cases, an elimination of their symptoms. To find out more about how the O-shot can help you, click the link below to find a doctor in your area who administers PRP Therapy.


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