Did you know… Equine athletes, just like human ones, find themselves at greater risk of injury. These injuries can be heart breaking, requiring tough decisions all around. Elite human athletes, as well as owners and trainers of horse athletes, are turning toward a new, all natural, regenerative option. It’s called Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP and it may be just the thing to help avoid risky surgery.


How does it work?

According to an article by Erica Larson, News Editor for www.thehorse.com, Jamie Textor, DMV, explained how PRP works to take advantage of the horses own natural healing power. Textor noted, the smallest of all blood cells, platelets, are found in blood and are responsible for the clotting mechanism. Platelets are the first responders to any injury.

Essentially, PRP therapy delivers a high concentration of platelets in the form of blood plasma to a lesion, increasing the amount of growth factors at the site, to help the injury heal. The plasma is created by spinning whole blood down in a centrifuge, eliminating the red and white blood cells and leaving behind a high concentration of platelets, Textor added.

The veterinarian injects the plasma directly into the (injury) or to multiple areas immediately surrounding the (injury) to aid in healing. Textor explained that some research has proven PRP therapy a useful addition to treating tendon injuries, suspensory desmitis, and experimental lesions to the superficial digital flexor tendon. You can read Larson’s whole article HERE

Want To Know Your Options?

What Results Have Horse Owners Reported?

• Suspensory Ligament Injuries: 76% returned to Full Work
• Tendon Injuries: 77% returned to Full Work
• Joint Disease: 57% returned to Full Work

At BeforeSurgery.com we coordinate with your Veterinarian to deliver Point of Care PRP Therapy. We bring all necessary equipment and disposables to perform the PRP therapy on site, with an experienced clinician, preparing the PRP.

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