cosmetic-prpBeau Haney, a board-certified nurse practitioner at BEAUtiful ME Med Spa, is a huge fan of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.. “I think it’s really amazing.” He has seen first hand how it can change lives.  When Beau began offering PRP therapy, one of his current patients decided to try it to see what it could do. She got what Beau calls the PRP trifecta: facial treatment, breast lift, and the O-shot (also known as the orgasm shot.)  Haney says she was blown away by the results, especially by the results of the O-shot.. “She just said, ‘Wow!. I told you I didn’t have any issues but, wow, that really made things better!’ “

Beau has been helping people look and feel more beautiful for almost a decade. A talented aesthetician, he was familiar with using botox, cosmetic fillers, and laser procedures to give the skin a more youthful appearance. Then, about three years ago, he learned about something groundbreaking.

He heard Dr. Charles Runels, a physician familiar with both cosmetic procedures, and sexual health, speaking at a symposium. Dr. Runels  was marketing procedures he created that used Platelet Rich Plasma to perform non-surgical facelifts, and treatments for male and female sexual issues (the P-shot and the O-shot).

Beau was intrigued by these cutting edge treatments; He took certification course in the procedures from Dr. Runels himself, and began to perform them at his practice in January 2015.. Patients come to him for PRP with fillers in the face to rejuvenate facial tissue and health, (Click here for more about facial PRP), PRP in the breast to provide a breast “lift”, and the O-shot (Click here for more about the O-shot) and P-shot (Click here for more about the P-shot) to help patients with sexual problems.

Beau says there are some misconceptions out there that PRP is a gimmick.  “There’s still a lot of education to do but people are becoming more aware of  PRP and the benefits of it.”

Beau will tell you that Hollywood has done its part to help promote PRP:  A few years ago reality TV star Kim Kardashian had facial PRP treatments. Last year, celebrities attending the Academy Awards received a gift certificate for a PRP breast lift in their gift bag. The year before that it was a gift certificate for an O-shot.

If people are still skeptical, Beau refers them to before and after pictures of patients who had PRP therapy, and tells them to read up about Dr. Charles Runels and his work.

Or he will tell them success stories of his own patients, including a 78-year-old woman who came to him for the O-shot as a last resort when drugs, and surgery couldn’t help her with her incontinence.

“I didn’t want to take her money,” said Haney. “It was such a severe case.” Finally, he listened to the advice of Dr. Kathleen Posey GYN,  “She said, ‘Beau, it’s not going to cure her, but it’s going to help her.’ “

And help her it did. “Her incontinence is 80 percent better than it was before. She told me, ‘Beau, you changed my life! ‘ “

Beau offers new patients free consultations.  He advises prospective patients to learn about PRP on the internet before they come in so they know a little bit about what to expect.

“I ask them what problems they want solved and make them aware of the procedures available. I work to find the right combination of therapies to give them the best results.”  And, if there is time available, the patients can be treated the same day!

“PRP Therapy is so promising and I’m so hopeful,” says Beau. “I am really looking forward to seeing it evolve over the next few years and seeing where we can take it.”


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