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  • PRP in the News

    PRP in the News

    PRP Therapy used by Alex Rodriguez and Zack Greinke

    Bleacher Report's Sports Injuries Lead Writer, Will Carroll, talks about some of the many professional athletes who have had PRP treatments in recent years with hopes of getting back on the field faster by avoiding surgery or expediting rehab. Carroll addresses some key points surrounding the acceptance and usage of PRP in professional sports. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a real solution for athletes with injuries.  Read more about the story here

  • PRP for the Weekend Warrior

    PRP for the Weekend Warrior

    PRP Injections Improve Quality of Life

    In this video, a Los Angeles ABC news station highlights PRP injections for joint pain. Dr. Sampson, as always, gives a great explanation of the basic principles of PRP therapy. Simply put, "what we're doing is manipulating the body's natural ability to heal."  Watch the video here to see how PRP got one extreme weekend warrior back to action, "vaulting to new heights."  

  • PRP: Not Just for the Pros

    PRP: Not Just for the Pros

    Powerful Plasma

    "Where it's been kind of a godsend is in tissues that traditionally don't do a good job of healing by themselves—like tendons, ligaments and cartilage," Dr. David Karli. In this Wall Street Journal Article, Melinda Beck, cites many recent cases where major players achieved major feats after a minor procedure got them back in the action. PRP therapy, or "blood spinning" as Beck refers to it, isn't just for professional athletes. These healing treatments from your own blood are available in your area and, while they may not be covered by insurance, the treatment is very affordable especially when compared to surgery. Read more here to see just some of the high profile athletes who have used PRP to get back in the game faster. 


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A simple and safer alternative to receiving donated blood, autotransfusion allows us to reinfuse your own blood after it is collected, washed and filtered  during or after your surgery.  Autotransfusion is advantageous because it directly reduces the demand for banked blood while eliminating the risks related to transfusions of donated blood.

PRP Therapy

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PRP enhances the body’s ability to heal itself.  It has become an affordable, regenerative treatment for tissue or bone injuries. In short, it can help you heal faster, often allowing you to avoid surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy

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Stem Cell Therapy is becoming more widely used in regenerative medicine. Modern technology allows us to concentrate stem cells and deliver them, either non surgically or during surgery, to your injury site to accelerate bone and/or tissue regeneration.